Data Driven Pages Scale Bar

Idea created by lauren_fagg on Jan 17, 2012

    Having finally changed all of our old MapBook projects to data driven pages, we have come across a problem when using the scale field to change the scale of a given page. The scale bar, which at 1:10,000 has divisions of 500m, suddenly looks ridiculous on the handful of pages that are 1:25,000. It was very disappointing to not be able to just go "File --> Export" for the whole set of maps. We still have to manually adjust the map elements for some pages.

    We can't be having divisions of "623m" or having the number text all on top of each other  - This is what happens if you set it to "Adjust division value" or "Adjust number of divisions" now.

    We need some sort of Data-Driven Element choice so that we can set Scale Bar (A) for scales of 1:10,000 and Scale Bar (B) for 1:25,000 etc.