New “Service Frame” for Geological Survey of Finland

Idea created by 1_rasanjon on Jan 12, 2012
    • 1_rasanjon
    Geological Survey of Finland (GTK) collects geological data from Finland and publishes it for citizens via ArcGIS Server services. Service Frame was developed to harmonize those services and to ease publishing of new services.

     Service Frame for GTK was developed by ESRI Finland during last couple of months. Technology used in Service Frame development is Flex. Service Frame contains all necessary map actions and tools like zoom, pan, identify and queries. Also generating reports is included in Service Frame. When a new service is created, Service Frame is used as a template for the service.

    For administrator it is quick and cost effective to produce new services to Internet. No extra coding is needed but service-specific actions are made just in the configuration files. Advantage of Service Frame for end users is that different services are easier to use, because all services are congruent. For example, different tools are located in same position in each service and user is able to find them easily.