Back to the future: Time travel through agricultural parcel history

Idea created by maho on Jan 12, 2012
    History can be recorded in material (what was there in the real world outside on the 5th of september 2007) and formal time (what did our geodatabase know on the 5th of september 2007). Actual and formal time don't necessarly coincide. ArcGIS supports time travel through formal time using geodatabase archiving and time travel for any other registered dates through time enabled layers. How can we use these two techniques to support workflows that need to check spatial and temporal continuity? 

    The Dutch ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture & Innovation in the Netherlands maintains a registration of agricultural parcels since 2000 as the foundation for European subsidies and other national and European policies. External auditors need to be informed of the integrity of the register on a regular basis.

    We present te results of a proof of concept study using ArcGIS 10.1 beta2 that shows the combined time travel in material and formal time, the challenges in garanteeing both temporal and spatial continuity in a geodatabase and how Data Reviewer and Workflow Manager can assist in achieving that form of time/space integrity.