ArcGIS Desktop Compatibility with ArcGIS Online

Idea created by laurens24 on Dec 16, 2011
    • fred95
    • laurens24
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    If a map is created with ArcGIS Desktop and needs to be worked with somewhere that does not have the software, then it could be pulled up and edited through ArcGIS Online. This would increase the functionality of the maps since businesses could pull up the map anywhere that has internet and show the client what they are doing. In turn, the client may want to purchase the software as well to do the same for their clients. 

    It could also be helpful for the online community to be able to see the shapefiles users have created. Say I pull up a map on ArcGIS Online and bring in a shape file that I have created on Desktop to show the online community my data. It could be very helpful for emergency personnel and other interested parties. 

    I hope these ideas are clear. If not, comment and I will attempt to explain.