Option to Set Value for Sigma in Data Reviewer

Idea created by aduesa on Dec 12, 2011
    • divakar
    • aduesa
    In looking at the options for positional accuracy assement tool, and it was explained by an instructor that the 3 sigma value (mean plus three standard deviations) is meant to determine true outliers to the data that is under review.  She also indicated that it cannot be changed, it must remain at mean plus 3 standard deviations.  I feel that 3 standard deviations is a bit wide for a margin when looking at data critically.  

    I think there should be the option, if one wanted to be more discerning, to  select '2-sigma' and possibly '1-sigma', so that one can exert more control over the level of acceptance of the data based on its dispersion, to better manage  the acceptance of outliers. If the report of my data's quality is a lot lower than I'd like, I'd want to have the option to reject the data based on that population behaviour.  Please consider modifying the dialogue box accordingly.