Dynamic Labels between Layers

Idea created by laurens24 on Dec 5, 2011
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    When a structure is labeled and referenced in another layer's attribute table, it should be dynamic in the sense that if one of those labels were changed, it would automatically be updated in the attribute table of the other layer of which it is referenced. 

    For example, I have a map with manholes and sewerlines. The manholes have a temporary label of A, B, C and so on. The sewerlines attribute table has a field that shows which manholes it is connecting(A-B, B-C and so forth). If I were to change manhole A to manhole 1 and manhole B to manhole 2 then the field in the sewerline attribute table showing the connection should automatically update. 

    I have been told that this is not possible at the time being and that I should post it in the Ideas section for the developers to consider in a later edition of ArcMap.