Only show applicable environment settings

Idea created by on Dec 1, 2011

      Make it clear what environment settings are available for each tool or model. It would be great if all the out-of-the-box tools, scripts, and models would only show the environment settings that can be used by that tool, script, or model. Then for custom tools, scripts, and models provide documentation and methods for developers to make the appropriate environment settings available and disable/hide the rest of them. Also, keep the hierarchy of environment settings so that settings can still be set once across multiple tools. Just disable/hide settings that are not being used when configuring individual tools.

    For example, let users know which raster tools will use the mask environment setting. I use that as an example because even though you can set the mask environment setting for any raster tool only some of them actually use it.

    Another example is when a raster tool has a textbox to set the cell size. If you enter the cell size in the textbox and then open the Environments window the cell size environment setting is either blank or inherited from further up on the hierarchy of environment settings. So you can have more than one cell size setting. How can a user be sure which one is being used by the geoprocessing tool before running the tool? Either the textbox should be removed, the cell size environment setting automatically updated to the value in the textbox, or remove the cell size environment setting for that tool.