CAD Renderer: Add ability to implement style ressources of MicroStation

Idea created by tschubert on Dec 1, 2011
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    CAD  Software as MicroStation uses external ressource-files (*.rsc) to  implement LineStyles and TextStyles.  The CAD renderer of ArcGIS is  quite good but ignores these styleinformation. Lines that have a  LineStyle in MicroStation (e.g. bulkhead wall: kind of  _|-|_|-|_|-|_|-|_|-|_|-|_|-|_|-|_) in ArcGIS are rendered as flat lines  (--------------).

    I propose to enable ArcGIS to read and implement Line- and Text-StyleRessource files of MicroStation (and AutoCAD).
    ArcGIS users, which have to cope with CAD drawings, get their maps rendered more similarly to the CAD system.