Android App Not Functional

Idea created by on Nov 7, 2011
    The ArcGIS for Android smartphone app does not allow the same expected map layer interaction as the Esri App for the iOS.  With the iOS(tested it on iPad and iPhone), you can open the Map Details and expand the map name to see all the map layers and turn on/off the layers as needed.  With the Android App you cannot expand the map to see all the individual layers and thus you cannot turn on/off map layers.  With Android, when you zoom in to the Map view all the map layers are turned on by default, making feature Identification very dificult. Also, with the Android app in the Map Details screen you cannot expand the Basemaps to select a different basemap.
    Testing ArcGIS mobile with the same map I have on on the iPad, iPhone and Android on Motorola Bionic.