Separate License Manager (ArcGIS Administrator)

Idea created by jmaedel on Nov 3, 2011
    As the ESRI license manager for a large university, I'm constantly having to determine why someone is not able to connect to one of my license managers. Most often it is a firewall but it is difficult to determine which firewall is causing the problem. I would like to have a copy of the ArcGIS Administrator on a number of computers located around campus and we now have the capability to use virtual workstations but they don't support the full installation of ArcGIS. As I won't be using any of the ArcGIS capaiblities it would be great to be able to just load the ArcGIS Administrator application. No doublt it exists as a separate application anyway but is just packaged with all the other components of ArcGIS.

    What I'm asking is to have the ArcGIS Administrator program available as a separate install from the other ArcGIS components