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Idea created by davidfkimball on Nov 2, 2011
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    I'd like to see text alignment buttons available in the GUI - on a toolbar for example. Currently you can align text (left, right, centered, and in some cases justified) by opening up the text's Properties. You should be able to align all the selected text objects by having the align-left, align-center, align-right, and justify buttons on a toolbar (they'd be the kind of buttons where the selected one appears pressed-in, like on the dialog). The buttons should be available even when no text is selected - you can select one and all new text created would have that alignment. The buttons would work for text in both map view and layout view. While we're at it, there should be align-top, align-center, and align-bottom buttons for text that is in a box/polygon/circle.

    This would mimic Adobe InDesign's way of handling text. I'm not talking about aligning the text objects to something else, just the justification of the text.

    If this already exists, please let me know - I've been unable to find it.