Enhanced features for solar radiation toolset

Idea created by gklise on Oct 25, 2011
    • gklise
    • omerunsal
    • admin_aridlands
    • halmaia
    I would like to have the ability to calculate solar insolation in a few additional ways without having to resort to python.  A few things that would be helpful:

    1) For doing a yearly analysis, allow sub-hourly interval for each day of the year. Right now, the tool will only let me calculate one day at a time if I want to do sub-hourly analysis for an entire year.

    2) For sub-hourly analysis, have a timestamp that shows the actual sunrise and sunset times. The output of T0, T1, T2, etc. is not helpful because for sub-hourly analysis, the results only show the time when the sun is up, and I have no way of knowing what time that is. This is especially important for areas where are mountains nearby, and the horizon has an impact on when sun will reach a location at different times of the year