Added Time Barrier for Network Analyst

Idea created by msalires on Oct 25, 2011
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    There is a need to add a block of time (such as 30 seconds) to a network solve for elements such as a stop lights/signs or a Railroad crossing.  I don't want to create a scaled-cost barrier for them as it is dependent on the times of the segments coming into contact.  If there were a way to either edit the junction or create a separate added cost point to an intersection, I could solve this issue.  I am involved in the routing of school buses and our buses are required to stop at Railroad crossings.  I would like to be able to place a fixed amount of time (say 20 seconds) to that intersection to account for the driver stopping, opening the door, verifying safety and then proceeding onward.  Or, if I was able to input stop lights and account for the time a particular stoplight typically takes.  The nearby street segments are being attributed on an average free-flow street speed.  These instances are not completely related to free-flow speeds.  Thus, slowing down traffic by using a scaled cost barrier does not account for these full stops.  It would be great to just add an amount of time to a solve as defined by a file with a field denoting the stop times.