Idea created by duri on Oct 24, 2011
    Undo everything everywhere in ArcGIS! Please upgrade ArcGIS from prehistoric to professional level. Currently only about 40% are covered by undo functionality, the rest is irreversible. Missing undo in:
    • Layer Properties – all tabs, especially: General, Symbology, Transparency, Definition Query
    • Data Frame Properties – all tabs (except Frame and Size & Position), especially: General, Scale settings, Annotation Groups, Coordinate System
    • Selection – all tasks associated with selection of features, especially: Select By Attributes and Select By Location (Implement a 'Select Previous' command, Go Back to Previous Selection Button for Attribute Table)
    • Symbology – all task associated with symbology definition:
      • Assign Symbol, change symbol color in TOC
      • Symbol Selector
      • Symbol Property Editor
      • Style Manager
    • Page and Print Setup
    • Layout Graphics – while drawing element or editing text
    • Legend Element – undo malfunction (deleted legend is recreated from scratch)
    • Georeferencing
    • Create Features
    • ArcToolbox tools and Python commands & scripts
    • etc.
    Provide specialized Undo/Redo functionality:
    • Task specific undo (Editing, Selection, Georeferencing, Labeling, Spatial Adjustment, etc.)
    • Window specific undo (TOC, Attribute Table, Identify, Layer, Data Frame, Catalog, etc.)
    • Tool specific undo 
    Provide modern Non-linear Undo functionality.