Group Member Management

Idea created by Syukri.Haronesrimalaysia-com-my-esridist Employee on Oct 20, 2011
    Partially Implemented
    • jlhansen
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    • aswanson648
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    Just my 2 cents:

    1. Invite Users - search

    This search window should improve, for example my friend's global id username is bykiew, i type "bykiew", 'kiew boon yan", 'kiew", "boon yan", "b" etc but no one answer matched appear. But then other name that is not related will appear to the answer.

    2. Additional function to add member to particular group from their profile

    It will be good if we can find the name from public, view their profile and then can just add them to specific drop down list group. And also if we can add people in one specific group list to another group that we have created. Just like Facebook.