Flexviewer 2.4 bug on popup info

Idea created by 1_MBURR on Oct 12, 2011
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    since there is a bug in the popup info in 2.4 and there is a work around to put the information in the xml as description. why dont you just put that in the instrustions so people dont have to do it twice like i had to do.  i had listed all as fields then found out that ist he but - then had to list them all again in the xml as description.  This work as long as you call out the date fields in the field area
    <?xml version="1.0" ?>
        <title>Abandoned Mains: {FACILITYID}</title>
     <![CDATA[nstall Date:{INSTALLDATE}<br>Abandoned Date:{ABANDATE}<br>Material:{MATERIAL}<br>Size:{DIAMETER<br>Manufacturer:{PIPE_MANUFACTURER}<br>Last Updated Date:{LASTUPDATE}<br>Last Editor:{LASTEDITOR}<br>Actual Length:{ACTUAL_PIPE_LENGTH}<br>Cathodic Protected:{CATHODIC_PROTECTION}<br>Drawing:{DRAWING_NUMBER}<br>Joint Type:{JOINT_TYPE}<br>Tracer Wire:{TRACER_WIRE}<br>StreetName{STREETNAME}<br>Class:{CLASS}<br>Anode Project:{ANODE_PROJECT}<br>Tracer Conduit:{TRACERCONDUIT}<br>Private Owner:{PRIVATE_OWNER}<br>Project Name:{PROJECT_NAME}<br>Remark:{REMARK_2}<br>Remark:{REMARK_2}<br>Remark:{REMARK_2}<br>Remark:{REMARK_2}<br>Remark:{REMARK_2}<br>]]>

            <field name="INSTALLDATE" alias="Installation Date:"  visible="true">
                <format dateformat="shortDate"/>
            <field name="ABANDATE" visible="true">
                <format dateformat="shortDate"/>
            <field name="LASTUPDATE"  alias="Last Updated Date:"   visible="true">
                <format dateformat="shortDate"/>

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