Interpolate polylineZ values

Idea created by snorth on Oct 11, 2011
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    I would like to be able to interpolate z-values between known z-values on a polylineZ feature.

    If you already have a polylineZ with many vertices, and you assign  known z-values to some vertices, there is no tool to interpolate values  for the remaining vertices.

    If you have a polylineZ with known z-values and you insert a new vertex while in Edit mode, the z-value for the new vertex will be interpolated.  But as soon as you move that vertex (which you probably need to do), the z-value is no longer accurate as it does not update itself.

    I encounter this issue when creating 3D breaklines (e.g., river banklines) for building a TIN surface.  I generally have survey data that gives me some of the z-values, but I need to interpolate between the surveyed points.

    The workarounds I have for this issue are very klunky (many steps involved).