Add better error message for importing feature class into feature dataset with same name in Geodatabase

Idea created by wilbev on Oct 7, 2011
    Currently if you attempt to import a new feature class into a feature dataset within a geodatabase that has the same name as the feature class you are importing anywhere in that entire geodatabase you get a very generic error message (Error 000210 - Failed to Convert).  It you attempt to use the Feature Class to Feature Class to bring it in, you get a different error (Error 000594 - falls outside of geomtry).  Both of these point you in the wrong direction in attempting to find the true problem.  

    So the request here is to add a better and more meaningful error message, something like "target already exists".  From what I have heard from others this is a common problem and many have spent many hours troubleshooting when a simply a better error message could have prevented this.