Folders in ArcCatalog

Idea created by Jordyn on Oct 7, 2011
    • jcauldwell
    • Jordyn
    • bharvey
    I know you can add a folder of data, but what about folders to manage them as well (within ArcCatalog).  (by project, purpose, etc)  This would give you the ability to group things logically.  Something like what you can to in Sql Server Mangement Studio (registered servers).  The ability to import/export this as a list would be a bonus.
    Being able to do this with Database Connections would be nice too.  Could we also get a grid/tabular view of database connections that show the properties of the connection so you don't have to open each one to see what it does?

    This  could be a property stored with a users local customization to give some assistance when managing large numbers of connections