Improve "Fields" Tab in Layer Properties

Idea created by nicholasrg on Oct 6, 2011
    • danelle
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    • nicholasrg
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    • mping
    I think there's a few small improvements that could be made to the fields tab to improve its usability.

    I would like the option to add and delete fields directly from this property box rather than having to open up the table or use toolbox tools.

    Also, I can understand why the "Field Details" section is disabled if you select multiple fields at once, but it seems like I should be able to modify the "highlight" and "read only" properties with a multiple selection. Sure would be a lot faster that way.

    When selecting a field in the list that has a domain applied to it, it would be nice if a "Domains" button appeared on the form that would take you to the domain editor grid thingy with the current field's domain highlighted. Or atleast, pop up a summary of that particular domain's coded values.

    Lastly, why not make the "Select by Attributes" dialog part of the "Fields" tab? Maybe just add a SQL Query box at the bottom with the different query builder buttons and whatnot. The list of fields is already there obviously. It would just be a convenience that would allow you to skip the step of scrolling through the list in the regular "Select by Attributes" box to find the layer you want, or opening the table just to start a selection.