Print/Export from ArcCatalog

Idea created by duri on Oct 6, 2011
    Provide Print and Export functionality directly from ArcCatalog (also in batch mode). Allow to print/export everything possible, including:
    • MXD Layout View (including DDP), MXD Data View and all other MXD elements accessible by Display and manage Map Document contents in ArcCatalog
    • Data contents (Geography, Table, Coordinate System, etc.) with advanced output formatting
    • Folder contents (List, Details, Thumbnails, etc.)
    • Native ArcGIS files (Styles, Expressions, etc.)
    • Catalog Tree
    • etc.
    ArcCatalog could also provide Pre-flight service useful even before map print or expedition (also on batch basis) as requested in Automatically detect potential issues before printing or exporting maps.