Transparent color and table fields

Idea created by Boondocks on Sep 28, 2011
    Partially Implemented
    • Boondocks
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    • 1_Benmosquito
    • kbuckvold_ch2mhill

    I know I have posted these two ideas before but so rarely get here that I am reposting them.
    1)  Could we please have a way to make the polygon various degrees of transparent color and not the outline or vice-versa?  Currently I have to use two layers, which can be handy, but if there are edits to size and shape that means I have to set up a relationship or do the edits twice.
    2)  Could we please have a way to change the order of the fields in a table AFTER it has been created?  I am well aware that a user can do this in the map document but it would be great if I could permanently rearrange the order of fields and have it be that way from then on.