Show how many licenses are activated/returned on each authorization record in Customer Care Portal

Idea created by aewilson on Sep 21, 2011
    In the Customer Care Portal, under the Authorization tab, for an individual EFL, we can see the name / email address that was entered when a person/computer was authorized.  With floating licenses, this could be an authorization of 1 license, 5 licenses or 2000 licensees.  In other words, the customer using the customer care portal can not tell how many seats were acquired in each individual authorization. 

    This information exists in the database, it is just not available to the viewer.  

    This information could be made available either in another column in the authorization record or by having a live link for each record to a more detailed information page (even better, it could also expose computer information that ties the record to somethign more than just the name that the user felt like entering into the SAW).

    This added information would be invaluable to ArcGIS managers in enterprise environments trying to herd their licenses -- without it, the Customer Care portal can seem like one more piece of a riddle.