Use a logical tab order in windows in ArcGIS desktop.

Idea created by dwwheelock on Sep 16, 2011
    Please educate ESRI programmers in the value of using a logical order for the TAB key in pop-up windows in ArcGIS Desktop.  This would be very easy to implement and would markedly improve ease-of-use.

    Do you use the TAB key to navigate through windows?
      If so, you're probably frustrated with the illogical tab order in nearly every window in ArcGIS Desktop. It seems as though almost none of the programmers at ESRI are aware of this aspect of interface design.

    A perfect example of illogical tab order is the Getting Started window, the place the you would want to be especially logical because this is the new user's first introduction to the product.  Here you can see the crazy path that tabbing leads you through in this window as it is in Version 10 SP2.  This includes taking the user to a field that they can't enter anything into, and into a field that you will only ever use once.

    Here is the same form with a logical and regularized tab order, that follows the MS Windows conventions that people expect.

    Checking tab order in forms and windows would be a good project to give to new programmers on ESRI staff, because it would educate them into the importance of this topic and hopefully ensure that they employ this practice in the future applications that they develop.

    Looking forward to a more easy to use product.