Logistic regression and link spatial statistics toolbox with rasters

Idea created by tomdilts on Sep 7, 2011
    The spatial statistics toolbox could be improved by adding logistic regression and possibly other types of regression (such as autoregressive models for incorporating autocorrelation).  The OLS and logistic regression tools could also be improved if they were allowed to sample from a raster, run the regression, and then automatically generate a map algebra statement to create predictive maps using raster data.  Raster data tends to be more useful for many people in the natural resources fields, biology, and geology because natural phenomenon tend to vary continuously while people in the social sciences tend to be served by socio-economic data that is collected at the point level or summarized into discrete polygons.  The spatial statistics toolbox therefore caters to social scientists but expanding it to rasters would help accomodate the needs of a larger community.