polygon/line foot print for sharepoint documents library and list items

Idea created by orossiniesrifrance-fr-esridist Employee on Sep 6, 2011
    ArcGIS for SharePoint allows to see sharepoint list items on a map as point features. It would be good to be able to do it as lines and polygons.
    As a matter of fact, with ArcGIS for SharePoint, we can leverage sharepoint list but also sharepoint document library (even it is not really design for that). To be able to manage sharepoint doc library is a great feature. But in this case document are put on the map as points features. So it would be even better if it could be a line or a polygon.
    For instance :
    you have hundreds of files managed in SharePoint (images, technical documents, pdf, doc, xls etc...) and those documents are relative to infrastructure projetcs.
    Usually those kind of files are stored in folders and documents names are not explicit enough to  allow someone to find the right document easily and quickly. But all those documents in some way are linked to a location (full address or city). So after a geocoding workflow, all documents (and myabe folders containing those doc) could be mapped and could be search by geographic criteria. It allows any user to find all pdf doc created between the 1st January 2011 and the 1st june 2011 and that have been approved and that are located in a 30 km radius from a given location.
    That's great, in such a way we leverage the both world (SharePoint and GIS).
    But if we could display document not only as points but also as line and polygon to fit the reality it will be even better. An infrastructure project could be located along a road or on a wide area.
    Another enhancement could be to allow to set up a foot print for any kind of document managed in sharepoint, but also for any folder.
    At the end, the geocoding process could be done not only by address, but also by leveraging the specific info contained in a file : for instance EXIF data in an image file, or geographic metadata contained in a raster file or CAD files.
    I guess you could imagine the potential of this.