Website Sharing more integrated on all Esri websites

Idea created by Riverside on Sep 2, 2011
    Currently, we can do a tiny bit of sharing from Ideas, and a little with, but I want a sharing capability integrated with all Esri websites and more than what you are currently offering.  I want to be able to +1 websites from inside the website, I want to be able to Like to Facebook, Share with LinkedIn, Tag to Delicious, Link to Diigo, Add +Snippets to Google+, tweet to twitter.  I want to do this from your blogs, your KB articles, your news releases, your web apis sample links, your videos, everywhere and anywhere.  I want to be able to do this from my ipod, my android, my iPhone, my iPad, my Android Tablet, any and all mobile devices.   I want to not just connect to Esri facebook, or Esri twitter, but to my friends, my circles, my groups through social media.