Universal Control Panel

Idea created by duri on Aug 30, 2011
    Partially Implemented
    ArcGIS should provide customizable Universal Control Panel (UCP) offering quick access to options, properties and tools related to the current page, frame, item, feature, object or tool selected. This idea is inspired by Adobe suite and other DTP software.
    0EM30000000CrSn  UI example

    UCP significantly simplifies and speeds up access to important settings currently hidden under tons of dialog boxes and context menus and puts them to one place. UCP displays in real-time currently active tool, session or object and provides relevant information and options. All needed settings are clearly visible, easily accessible and quickly changeable on-the-fly.
    Page Layout control panel
    • Map and Printer Page: Size, Width/Height, Orientation
    • Layout helpers: Display and Snap to Guides, Grid, Rulers, Printer Margins
    • General Settings: Map Units, Nudge
    • Color Management and Pre-flight
    • Output Map controls: Print, Export, Package, Web

    Data Frame control panel (Data View)

    • Current Data Frame, Current Coordinate System
    • Scale, Reference Scale
    • Display Units, Label engine
    • Statistics: Data availability (No. of broken sources, No. of locked sources), Geometry Type and Data Type statistics

    Data Frame control panel (Layout View)
    • Anchor Point, Position, Size/Scale
    • Data Frame Name, Current Coordinate System
    • Scale, Reference Scale
    • Draft, Visible, Printable, Locked
    • Data Frame Style: Fill & Outline Color/Width, Shadow, Symbol Property Editor
    • Export/ Print Data Frame

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    Graphics control panel (Layout/Data View)
    • Anchor Point, Position, Size/Scale
    • Rotation (according to selected anchor point)
    • Element Name, Area and Perimeter (cumulative if more features selected)
    • Draft display, Visibility, Printability, Lock and Transparency settings
    • Symbol Properties: Fill & Outline Color/Width, Shadow, Symbol Property Editor
    • Symbol Selector (Most used, Last used, Styles library...)
    • Map Element specific properties (Layout Text, Legend, Scale Bar/Text, Picture)
    • Graphics Layers

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    Selection control panel
    • Selection Shape (applies to any selection tool 0EM30000000CrTg 0EM30000000CrTl 0EM30000000CrTq)
    • Selection Mode: Partial, Complete, Inner
    • Interactive Selection Method: Create new, Select from, Add to, Remove from
    • Selection symbol (general or layer specific)
    • Named Selection Set, Color Selection Set
    • Select elements/features by similar characteristic (shape, size, source, symbol, etc.)

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    Layer control panel – properties of single/multiple layers selected in TOC
    • Geometry and Data Type, Source Status (locked, broken, edited, ok)
    • Layer Name and Coordinate System (evaluate compliance with Data Frame), Additional buttons: Show Layer in ArcCatalog, Show Layer’s Metadata, Make Layer’s Coordinate System Current, Convert Layer to Data Frame’s Coordinate System
    • General layer settings – Visible, Selectable, Printable, Locked, Transparent
    • Scale Range
    • Labeling, Symbol Levels, Definition Query and Time switch
    • Start/Stop Editing
    • Layer Statistics: No. of selected features, No. of valid features, etc.
    • Multiple Layers/ Group: Make new Data Frame, Reorder/Sort, Export, Match Coordinate System
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    Symbol control panel – properties of symbol selected in TOC
    0EM30000000CrTR   0EM30000000CrTW
    • Symbol Layers (tree menu)
    • Symbol Properties: Fill & Outline Color, Outline Width, Symbol Type properties
    • Symbol Legend Definition: Value and Label
    • Patch Shape and Size (specific for selected symbol)
    • Symbol Selector (Most used, Last used, Styles library...)

    Feature control panel – when selected or while creating features
    • Anchor Point, Position, Size/Scale
    • Rotation (according to selected anchor point)
    • Area and Perimeter (cumulative if multiple selected)
    • Regular-shaped feature specific options (e.g. radius, polygon sides, etc.)
    • New Segment specific options (e.g. direction, length, etc.)

    ArcGIS should enhance creation and modification of regular-shaped features:

    • Enter or change basic parameters of regular polygons, circles or ellipses directly in Control Panel during the creation or anytime the feature is selected.
    • Record these initial parameters (width, height, radius, etc.) and keep them independently of subsequent transformation to be anytime changeable (in any edit session). These parameters are now instantly forgotten after creation making impossible for user to correct anything.
    • Provide selection handles for edited feature.
    • Rotate selection handles along with feature rotation.
    • More regular polygon shapes available (pentagon, hexagon, etc.).

    ArcCatalog control panel
    Information about selected file (MXD, LYR, SHP, GDB, etc.):

    • title, summary, description, author, credits, tags, etc.
    • last saved, printed, exported
    • relative/absolute paths switch
    • thumbnail (present/regenerate)
    • number of layers, styles, missing sources, etc.