Tech Support: generate an incident number automatically

Idea created by 1_david.askov on Aug 28, 2011
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    Problem1: I am the tech support contact for a small group within a giant system that has a site license for thousands of users. Whenever I submit an incident, tech support contacts the site license rep, not the person who submitted the incident (me). The site license rep has no idea what that incident is about, and it can often delay getting the case open by as much as a *week*. 

    Problem2: When I call to find out about the status of my incident after problem1 occurs, it is near impossible for me to navigate the tech support system to even find the incident I reported amongst the glut of other incidents submitted by our customer number. Sometimes they are simply unable to find my request, and I have to beg our site license rep to get involved. 

    Proposed solution: When I submit an incident online (I am logged in), email me back an incident number. If not an incident number, bive me some unique identifier that I can refer to when I call in.