ArcGIS Server in the cloud

Idea created by 1_sennaa94 on Aug 24, 2011
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    I would like to know when ESRI is going to make the ASP version of Server affordable to smaller clients?  $40K is a ridiculously large amount of money for a consultant firm of 80 to be expected to pay in order to get in the GIS web development game!! I see that ESRI is solely focusing on big business and it scares me!  Watch out because many open source developers are catching up to your geoprocessing advantage in this web app world and you will lose market share if you don't start realizing many of us smaller firms with multiple small clients are going to start looking elsewhere for GIS products.  I'm very disappointed in the fact that the excuse I get from my ESRI rep for the reason of the high cost of the ArcGIS Server ASP version is because, and I quote "you are making money on our (ESRI) software".  That is the poorest excuse for the cost of Server I've ever heard, because you know what ESRI, we are also making money on your ArcGIS Desktop software and I don't see you charging $40K for that!!! Come on, get it together and start making your web software affordable for all businesses, not just the high rollers!! Just look at any of your articles in the industry newsletters that you produce and it's obvious, only the big boys are making these applications happen!!  I encourage all small companies wanting to get into the web app game with ArcGIS Server to please promote my stance on the ridicuously high cost of ArcGIS Server ASP version of Standard Enterprise.  For god's sake, SQL Server only cost $15K!!!