Keep Basemap On When Zoomed In

Idea created by on Aug 23, 2011
    in or arcgis explorer online, keeping a basemap turned on when zoomed in is very useful for my 40+ arcgis users, even if it is blurry.  It really bugs the heck out of our staff that the basemaps turn off and gives you the grey screen of death message "map data not yet available" when you zoom in, even though they can still get lots of info out of a zoomed in map. 

    For example, USA topographic basemap has brown contour lines that provide very useful elevation data for locating a waypoint's elevation.  Is there any way you can keep the basemap turned on when you zoom in to the highest levels? 

    At least give us some settings control for customizing when basemaps turns on and off, for those of us that want basemaps on when zoomed in all the way.  Thank you!