Expand Component Geographies (Sub-Geography) Tool

Idea created by kempmk on Aug 22, 2011
    • kempmk

    I have to do a lot of analysis projects involving population by zip code within a distance ring or drive-time polygon. The Component Geography tool gives me percentages of the zip code poloygon that intersects with the ring or drive-time polygons but it doesn't actually give me the numbers, by zip code/censutract/blk group that are within the intersected polygons. The Component Geography Wizard screen that allows you to calculate ratios (optional) could have another radio button added that allows the user to designate that columns/fields would be created in addition to the ratios that actually contain the population/housing/etc. counts. Perhaps the screen would allow the user to define what demographic attributes could be chosen, much like running a ring or drive-time analysis  where the user is chosing a report to be run. A check box could also be added to this tool that would populate a report where a total population for the ring/drive-time analysis would be displayed and then a break-down, by the user-defined sub-geography, of the actual numbers and ratios that would total up to the overall number.