Adding more sites to a comparison report

Idea created by suivanova on Aug 10, 2011
    • gmanfreda
    • suivanova
    I would like to see raised the limit of 19 sites for a comparison report to 100 sites or more. I work with large set of store locations that I would like to analyse and the limit of 19 sites at a time per comparison report makes it very time consuming. For example, if I am using census tracs as sites and would like to analyse one State, I would have to go down, State, County and at last census tracs.

    On the other hand,  I would like to see a way to select many census tracs at a time than clicking one by one. For example, I wish to create a comparison report by census tracs of the State of California. If I go to select geographies, I would have to select individually each and every one of the census tracs. And when I finish, this wouldn't even give me what I want because the program would agregate all census tracs in ONE object. I was walked through the steps to add each census tract to create separate geographic location and then created a comparison report by tech support. It is not an intuitive process. Unfortunately, this is the way the system has been designed. I would certainly like this to change.