Allow to be indexed by search engines for greater discoverability of user-submitted ideas

Idea created by dananrg on Aug 7, 2011
    Here is your #1 "Top All-Time" user-submitted idea:


    Here is what Google  knows about it (spoiler alert: nothing):

    0EM30000000Cqw5 does not appear to be indexed by search engines. This may or may not be a limitation of the Ideas app. If possible, please allow this site to be indexed by Google and others. This will increase the discoverability of user-submitted ideas. And isn't the the point to popularize ideas?

    The only way I know to get an idea indexed is as follows:

    1) Find an idea URL that will work without being logged in (others have noted this issue)
    2) Create a post on and reference the idea URL there

    Have you made a conscious choice to prohibit search engines from indexing? If so, please reconsider it. If not, please implement SEO tweaks to get things indexed. I'd be glad to post a suggestion to if inability to index is a limitation of the app itself.


    Make a great site even more useful by investigating SEO / idea discoverability options for the app that runs.

    Dana Nibby
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