Keep the smaller portion of a polygon when using the Reshape Polygon

Idea created by cbrydon on Aug 4, 2011
    • jcauldwell
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    When using the reshape polygon task in ArcMap, occasionally the piece I want to keep is the smaller portion, but the reshape task always keeps the larger portion when the ends of the reshape line start and end outside of the polygon to be reshaped.  A couple of non-satisfactory workarounds are...
    1.  To reshape in incements, but for large features extending over a handful of  kilometers (or many kms) this is not efficient.
    2.  To completely redigitize the feature.  Again not efficient.
    3.  To use  the Cut Features Task to split the polygon, then delete the unwanted  piece.  This would be OK if the cutting line was entirely inside the  original feature (except the start and end points of course), but where sections  would need to be added (ie a feature grew instead of shrunk - a swamp is a good  example), one would have to reshape each section that grew.  Once again - not at  all efficient.

    This has been logged as enhancement request NIM071346 and it would be nice to see implemented!