Population potential

Idea created by mikdale on Aug 1, 2011
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    I have been trying to map the population potential of the US. Population potential, P(j) is defined by analogy to gravitational potential at each point in space, x(j) by the population of all surrounding cities, p(i), divided by the distance between to that city, d(i,j), such that:

    P(j) = sum[ p(i) / d(i,j) ]

    I have tried a number os alternative methods to obtain this measure. One via polygons using a near table, which ends up generating tables with millions of records.

    I have tried using rasters. The kernel density function gets me close, if only the distribution function could be changed from a gaussian distribution to a 1/d distribution.

    My suggestion is for there to either be a direct tool to calculate the population potential, or to be able to change the distribution function in the kernel density tool.