Improve transformation possibilities of graphics in Layout

Idea created by duri on Jul 28, 2011
    Provide fully functional transformation capabilities of layout graphics:
    • Control multiple graphics elements selected with single selection handles (as customary) without the need to perform grouping (unnecessary step).
    • 0EM30000000Cqh6

    • Selection handles should align to rotated shape giving further possibility to change shape’s proportions relatively to rotation.
    • 0EM30000000CqhB

    • Snap rotation point to selection handles and object’s center for better control of object’s rotation along corners. Remember last position of rotation point.
    • 0EM30000000CqhG

    • Allow full picture rotation at any angle – currently not working at all.
    • 0EM30000000CqhL

    • Align fill pattern with graphics element rotation.
    • 0EM30000000CqhQ

    • Rotation of group is not possible, when circle is present in the group.
    • Rotate Map Elements (Data Frame, Legend, etc.) – currently not possible.
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