Create Topology Wizard

Idea created by parsonsp28 on Jul 25, 2011
    • BruceLang
    • knozaki
    • parsonsp28
    • mping
    I find creating a topology fairly obtuse.  How about a wizard (preferably not an extension) that strings together all the tools you need to create the topolgy and start the process with a wizard button.  This wizard should not come up automatically like the one for pyramids for raster but should be a choice you can add to an existing toolbar.  It should ask "Do you want to create a topolgy for the highlighted shape file" then go through the steps to create or choose a personal geodatabase, create a feature dataset, add data, create the topology, add rules to toppology, etc.  the wizard would need to be interactive so that the user has all the choices available in the creation of a topology.