Allow "spatial filtering" when reconciling

Idea created by rastrauch123 on Jul 20, 2011
    • fischerw
    • cdejacob
    • jsgiesen
    • rastrauch123
    It would be helpful to have the option of "Spatial Filtering" during the reconcile process in the same way that it is allowed in the "Version Changes" command.  At this time, if you are reconciling two versions and you have conflicts, conflict clean-up is an all-or-nothing proposition.  Once you save, it applies the unresolved conflicts in favor of the version that you have set as the favored version.  In a perfect world, the number of conflicts should be a very small and manageable number.  However, if/when there are many to review/resolve, you must resolve them all before saving (or before the system crashes) or take your chances.  If the reconcile could be filtered to a smaller geographic area, and allowed to save each section when complete, that would make it a less daunting task.