Select Features By Point task/tool needed

Idea created by graeme on Jul 20, 2011
    I keep thinking that I must be missing something but there does not seem to be a tool to select features (in particular polygons) from a layer at a point (X,Y) location.  The parameters for such a tool would just be a layer name and an XY location.

    At the moment I workaround this by using ArcPy to create a point featureclass containing the point and performing a SelectLayerByLocation on it.  However, when the polygon feature class is in Oracle (accessed via ArcSDE 9.x) and contains 3.5 million polygons the time taken to make the selection can be more than 5 mins when I think a second or two would be more appropriate.  The feature class has a spatial index and I've tried using arcpy.env.extent (which SelectLayerByLocation appears to ignore) to restrict the geographic area accessed but the results always seem to be the same.

    We have Select Features By Rectangle, Select Features By Polygon, etc tasks so it would be good if Select Features By Point could be added as a task and then all those tasks made available as tools.

    It may be that having Identify available and able to perform a Select from its results context menu is seen as a way to not need a Select Features By Point task but to me that is only a workaround rather than the most intuitive place to place this function.