Fix the summarize field function

Idea created by zapper on Jul 15, 2011
    • smarspar
    • enile
    • BruceLang
    • duanegriffin
    • zapper
    • vtn
    Enhance, or rather perfect, the Summarize Field tool. Right now the default behavior is to create text fields in the resulting sum_output table with the field's length set to the maximum default length (255).  When running a summarize function on a text field, the output table does not maintain the text character field length.  For example if you summarize on a text field with a character limit of 100, the output summarized table will have a character limit of 254 on the same text field.  The downside is that now if want to join the sum_output table to the original table it will fail due to different field definitions, so you have to add a field to the sum_output table with the right length and do a field calculation on that new field to move the field values from the wrong-sized field to the new field and then join on the new field. This is a pointless pain and is clearly just a long standing oversight. 

    Change the behavior of the summarize function to check and match the length of text fields from the original table to the sum_output table produced.