Image Service for ArcObjects Object Model Diagrams (OMDs)

Idea created by kirkktx on Jul 1, 2011
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    OMD: think of it as Object Model Dogfood
    Navigating through the arcobjects online help can be very slow.  Working with the OMD pdfs is even slower.  

    This is in stark contrast to ImageServer - display is very fast and fluid.

    Esri should create an Image Service that serves scanned images of ArcObjects OMDs.  To support search, Esri should provide a MapService where each keyword is associated with multiple polygons located in approriate locations on the image service.

    As a developer, I could publish a FeatureService that would allow people to draw red lines to show how a program works, like those shown in the Exploring ArcObjects books. 

    Cartography: Not just for Spatial Things
    After using Prezi a bit, I realize cartographic skills can be applied to non-spatial problems.  When you zoom way out, all you see are the big concepts.  As you zoom in more details appear.  The OMDs can be presented that way too.  When zoomed to full extent, I would expect to see only the namespaces, or maybe even families of namespaces.  As I zoom in, I'd like to see more details.