Add optional sort-fields parameter to the REST Query Operation

Idea created by epaitz-esristaff Employee on Jun 23, 2011
    • rmchubb

    With the release of ArcGIS Server 10 and the ArcGIS REST API 10 there is now the option to Return IDs Only in the REST Query Operation. The result of this query only returns only the ObjectIDs and is NOT limited by the Max Record Count of the Map Server.

    This makes it possible to show more records then the max record count, because each page is not larger than the max record count, but there does not seem to be a way to sort on one or more columns across all pages of records.  The data grid used to display the records can sort within the current page of records but not across all pages of records.

    What is needed is an optional list of sort-fields when the Return IDs Only is set to true. In this case, if we set the sort-fields to DATE (as an example) the ObjectIDs that are returned are in order of DATE. The only thing returned is still just ObjectIDs but they are now sorted.

    Actually this optional list of sort-fields could be used for more than just the Return IDs Only query; it could be used for all REST Query Operations. Or we could add a PostfixClause (like in IQueryFilterDefinition) to the REST Query Operation that can be used for the ORDER BY sql keyword. Either way, the sort-fields or the PostfixClause, could affect the results of a normal REST Query or a Return IDs Only Query.