Expand domains to include a short name, long name, and real description (with hover capability)

Idea created by dananrg on Jun 17, 2011
    • Jamal432@gmail.com
    • cdelacruz
    • dananrg
    • Musieness
    Currently, coded value domains have only a code and a "description". I'd like to see domains have:
    • A short name (current code / _CD)
    • A long name (current description / _NM)
    • A real description (_DES), e.g. something that would provide a definition / semantics about the domain value. Perhaps there could be a "hover over" capability or "Describe" button that a user could click to get a real description / guidance on the value being chosen. Would help save time if the user didn't have to consult a "codes" manual to divine the meaning of the value.
    A plus would be a sequence-generated meaningless _ID. Another plus, but a lot more complicated, would be a way of preserving domain value history. Al Butler mentions sets of domain value that change over time in his "Designing Geodatabases for Transportation" book (think "HPMS report") and a way to model them.