3D connexion Space Navigator support for ArcMap 10

Idea created by adbygrave on Jun 15, 2011

    This idea has been merged with 3D Mouse (Space Navigator) Support in ArcMap.

    Space Navigator support in ArcMap 10.

    Using 3D mice is a huge advantage in ArcMap 9.3, and it should be pretty simple to add this to 10 also.

    It was possible in ArcMap 9.2 / 9.3

    Surely it cannot be that difficult to, at the bare minimum, port this over to ArcMap 10 etc.

    I have been in contact with 3d Connexion [Logitech], and they are more than happy to work with ESRI to enable support for the Space Navigator 3D mouse in ArcMap and other ESRI Arc 10 products.

    ESRI just need to get in contact with 3D connexion and make this happen !

    Has been discussed on the forums, http://forums.arcgis.com/threads/7648-3D-Mouse-with-ArcMap-10. However there has been little movement on there recently.

    A rep from ESRI has expressed to me that
    Your comment is pertinent; this functionality is desired by many customers."
    Which makes me surprised that this has not been put into action as of yet, if people want and need this add-on, then provide it !