Elevation Profile Improvement

Idea created by cameronwallace on Jun 8, 2011
    Would love to be able to produce elevation profiles better... 
    - Multi-Surface Display (with options for filling in between surfaces)
    - add vertical exaggeration scale and scale definition options
    - add to layout as editiable graphics, rather than rasterized image (or, even better, provide option to add as shapefiles within a seperate data frame with XY and Z coordinates "flipped" along the profile line - i.e. X coordinate would be distance along line, Y coordinate would be equivalent to Z, with some sort of option to apply vertical exaggeration while producing)
    - provide options to display other 3D features alongside the surface profile (within X distance (i.e. underground utilities, boreholes, etc.)

    Ultimately this type of tool would work in ArcMap, allowing display of profiles next to traditional map frames...