Field Calculator Should Honor Domains

Idea created by lygismav on Jun 8, 2011

    When using the field calculator on a field that has a domain, the calculator should include a dropdown of the domain values.


    This was the original Idea that was is related to

    Domain fields should not allow calculate

    Domain List in Field Calculator

    Ability to select from domain values in field calculator (now marked as Duplicates)


    These are all common to needing to be able to validate the attribute values that are populated into a field with a domain applied - not only when editing individual records, but also when using the Field Calculator, or the Calculate Field geoprocessing tool.  


    From Comments in all of these Ideas, we see that:

    1. When using Field Calculator, the request is for drop-down/pick list functionality pulling from the domain that is applied to the field - the effect is that the attributes are validated, and the user experience is simplified;


    2. It is still desirable to be able to calculate into a field with a domain applied.  However, the results of the calculation should be validated against the domain applied to the field.


    Please add clarifying Comments and continue voting on this Idea.