Page Definition Query- Annotation Field default from "Convert Labels to Annotation": for Data Driven Pages

Idea created by Soocom1 on Jun 1, 2011
    • Soocom1
    • kdeking
    When useing Data Driven Pages, I am finding that a host of very effective aspects and actions can be made when a layer has in it's attribute table: a "PageNumber" column that can be accessed from a Page Definition Query under Definition Query.

    Though they are easy to add, the columns are not defaulted in a converted Annotation Attribute Table. Certian requirements I have, requires that I creat annotation from labels to be used for certian applications. But I have to manually add a field called "PageNumber". This can at times be time consuming with multiple converted labels.

    I would like to see added to the "Convert labels To Annotation" function, a default column in the Attributes Table a "PageNumber" field added so I do not have to open-close repeated edit sessions to do the work.
    I think this will also help with other DDP applications.