Failure Variable for tool ERRORS in Model Builder

Idea created by jeremygould on May 24, 2011
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    Failure Variable for tool ERRORS in Model Builder.<br /> <br /> Problem: I have a string of tools tied together in model builder that is scheduled to run nightly. 99% of the time this model will run successfully. But on the chance of that 1% that it fails, I want options of what to do if it does fail. I would like to see a failure variable for all tools available in model builder. It would look something like this<br /> <br /> TOOL &gt; Upon Failure <br /> <br /> 1. Nothing (stop all model processes)<br /> <br /> 2. Go to next tool/process <br /> <br /> 3. Go to &quot;choose another tool/process&quot; ... Here I could point to another tool/process/script such as - send email notificaiton of failure<br /> <br /> Thanks<br type="_moz" />