Manage layer symbology directly in TOC

Idea created by duri on May 23, 2011
    Not in Current Product Plan

    Clear illustration of workflow enhancements suggested in Improve TOC Interactivity and Innovated Table Of Contents to significantly speed up and allow easy manipulation of layer’s symbology directly in the Table Of Contents by omitting impractical Layer Properties dialog box utilization. This idea makes use of functionality proposed by Visually Interactive User Interface.


    In general, in TOC it should be possible with a single click to:
    • assign or change layer’s symbology,
    • reorder, group/ungroup, delete multiple symbols and headings,
    • copy symbol properties, label and description from the same or different layers,
    • copy entire symbol legend – tool to match symbology, labels, definition query, transparency, scale range, source, etc.,
    • undo ALL tasks performed in the Table Of Contents!

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